Where change is constant.

Conversations matter.

Serious about having a high performance culture in times of change and uncertainty?  It starts with your people, what they say and how they say it.

Impactful conversations drive performance and inspire change. We have distilled workplace conversations into five measurable standards, enabling us to assess and develop outstanding capability. The results are dramatic...


What we do

We offer practical tools and programmes that focus on the importance and impact of everyday conversations.  Using our proven methodologies, we build upon natural abilities, accelerate personal development and offer measurable business impact.

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Our services

Our tools and programmes are aimed at increasing the frequency, quality and impact of everyday conversations.  

ready one

Open or Exclusive group formats. 

Highly practical and thought-provoking, these programmes are a unique blend of group webinars, workshops and personal profiling which will transform your everyday conversations.

Ready bespoke

Build your own readiness programme.

We tune-in to the language, patterns and habits of your organisation and then design a programme around the three core learning principles of focus, practice and action. 

ready 360

Ready 360°: Five Conversation Standards

An online feedback tool that provides rigorous benchmarking, assessment and analysis of an organisation, team or individual against our five standards of conversation.


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We are happiest when we are having conversations.

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