We get your people ready for the workplace conversations they need to have, to get the outcome they want
— Jeff Benveniste, Founding Partner

What we do

Today’s businesses are facing constant, tumultuous change; new technologies, new competitors, new markets and demands for greater performance. 

We are experts at assessing and improving the frequency, quality and impact of everyday conversations; accelerating personal development and capability, as well as offering tangible business impact and return on investment.


our approach

Our approach combines our hard-wired skills in strategic and operational thinking with soft skills in facilitation, mentoring and coaching. 

Our model focuses on individual and team readiness and is structured around our five conversation standards . We strive to empower people with knowledge (the impact everyday conversations have on both personal perception and organisational growth) and equip them with the skills to begin continuous, measurable step-change at work.

Our services include webinars/workshops, personal profiling, coaching and simulator pods (which allow attendees to practise their range of dynamic conversations with our actor team, leading to clearer gap analysis and a far greater chance of things being adopted successfully). 

With this support, your people will become practiced, prepared and ready to meet challenging growth targets, transition and business transformation.