Webinar Series

  An interactive and highly practical webinar series to learn and become practiced in the Five Conversation Styles.

Each group will learn specific tools and techniques to enable them to get the outcome they want in each of these conversations with people they manage or lead. 



  • Series of 6 x 60 minute webinars.

  • Delivered in-house for your organisation via Zoom.

  • Run over 3 months for groups of up to 250 participants.  

  • Appropriate for all levels from team member to CEO.

  •  Available ‘off-the-shelf’ or tailor-made and branded for your organisation.

  • Standalone or blended with our practical programmes to embed learning.


The introduction webinar explains the concept of a dynamic conversation and gets them familiar with our Five Conversation Styles– a simple and accessible framework they can use every day as a manager or leader to drive and manage change. 

The follow-on webinars take each of the Five Conversations and explore, interactively with participants, when and how to use them. Video, audio and poll questions are used to stimulate discussion and share experiences.

Slides are provided for input and focus with a practical toolkit and recording shared with participants.




A scaleable, remote learning method. Participants will:

  • become aware of the need to flex their personal style and behaviour in different situations, to get the outcome they want.

  • be ready with a range of responses for different business conversations; to influence, motivate, manage conflict or build a relationship

  • after each webinar, have specific actions to practice for a real conversation.

  • have a buildable toolkit because the webinars are delivered over 3 months, enabling layered leaning integrated with real life working experience.