Sales & Marketing

To help brand ambassadors, account managers, marketing/sales executives achieve game changing performance

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Presentation COACHING

Develop your own personal brand and impact to present confidently to others. Whether it’s ongoing development or focus on a specific presenting challenge to an internal or external audience, our practice based workshop with live observation, video-analysis, expert coaching, feedback and mentoring, will help you get the outcome you want.


Sales SimulatOR

Increase your sales team’s capability and results with ‘live’ simulated client meetings, designed specifically for your organisation. Each individual has the opportunity to practice their communication skills and personal impact, within a safe environment (either face-to-face or via video conference). Whether it’s building relationships, maintaining credibility, challenging, increasing value, handling objections or closing successfully - it’s all about about what you say and how you say it! Expert observation, video analysis, feedback and assessment (benchmarked against pre-determined criteria) will heighten awareness of each individual’s strengths and development areas, and focus ongoing practice with their own personal development plan.

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Developing the core communication skills and flexible approach to maximise the impact of your workplace conversations with your team, leaders and other stakeholders.  This highly engaging and practice based workshop will help you become skilled and confident using our Five Standards of Conversation, a highly accessible framework to flex your style and behaviour in different situations, to get the outcome you want. Our 360° Feedback Tool will provide rigorous benchmarking, assessment and analysis against these five standards helping you to focus on your own strengths and development areas.