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Open or Exclusive group formats. 

Build your own readiness programme.

Ready 360°: Online Feedback Tool

Ready one: Open

  • Targeted at experienced managers and leaders

  • Open to individuals from different organisations
  • 8 attendees per programme (max 2 participants from one org*)

*Exclusive/in-house programmes are available, see below

Programme content:

Interactive Group Webinar

These group webinars outline the programme and create a compelling proposition for dynamic conversations. The interactive format maximises focus and engagement and ensures everyone is in the right mindset for learning. 

360° On-line Feedback Tool

Each participant (plus five nominated colleagues) complete our 360° online feedback survey - this provides an assessment of how the attendee is perceived and their current workplace impact.

Personal Profile Report

This is provided to each participant on the workshop; collating the results from the feedback and benchmarking against our five conversation standards.

2-day Residential Workshop

At the renowned and recently refurbished Latimer House retreat, this two day residential workshop provides focus and practice on our five conversation standards. This will help the attendees develop a more dynamic approach to everyday conversations, making them more dynamic and impactful.

One To One Coaching Session

The programme concludes with a one-to-one coaching session. This gives the opportunity to reflect back on the learning applied in specific workplace conversations and to create a personalised development plan on 2-3 behaviours that will have the greatest performance impact.