The five conversation standards

High performance cultures depend on two significant factors: Trust and Dynamic Conversations. We hone in on these areas and identify the operational and cultural gaps that stop organisations from being effective. Our research shows that, at every level, deliberately practicing and developing conversation skills raises both productivity and engagement.

We have developed our five conversation standards based on our deep behavioural knowledge.  They enable us to benchmark and profile perception of specific behaviours against global standards. We can then focus on developing the appropriate conversational skills for each individual, so they achieve the outcomes they want in any situation.

HOW do we measure against the five standards?

Our research shows that, at every level, deliberately practising and developing dynamic conversation skills heightens the individual’s state of readiness and raises productivity, engagement and performance.

We have distilled workplace conversations into five standards and 30 supporting behaviours that enable an individual to have the flexibility and approach to get the outcome they want, no matter what the situation.

Our 360° Feedback Tool provides rigorous benchmarking, assessment and analysis of an organisation, team or individual against these five standards.


As part of a debriefing session with a Global Edge coach , participants will receive a personal profile report to help them:

  • Build self-awareness and understanding on how others perceive their behaviour against each of the five standards.
  • Identify the strengths they want to maintain and the development areas they need to practise / work on.
  • Measure current behaviour against their organisation's/Global Edge's norm and benchmark scores.
  •  Set clear measurable goals for improvement


Work on the development areas identified in the report by attending one of our Impactful Conversations Programmes. These are designed to help teams and individuals become prepared and practised on all five standards; giving them the confidence and capability to have the conversations they need to have and get the outcomes they want.

Attendees develop the dynamic mindset and skillset needed to maximise not only their performance, but also their engagement, communication and collaboration.