Managers & their Teams

To develop the communication skills and personal impact needed to build a high performing team



Developing the core communication skills and flexible approach to maximise the impact of your workplace conversations with your team, leaders and other stakeholders.  This highly engaging and practice based workshop will help you become skilled and confident using our Five Standards of Conversation, a highly accessible framework to flex your style and behaviour in different situations, to get the outcome you want. Our 360° Feedback Tool will provide rigorous benchmarking, assessment and analysis against these five standards helping you to focus on your own strengths and development areas.

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Giving FEEDBACK skills

This one day workshop will build the confidence skill level required to effectively give feedback to others, whether in formal appraisals or everyday conversations. Through ‘real time’ experience observation and practice, you will become expert in delivering constructive feedback to motivate and improve performance.  These are key skills needed in today's workplace as we shift away from formal, infrequent appraisals to day to day feedback conversations.



Build your experience and capability to coach others. This workshop will help you develop the mindset and skillset needed to focus on the potential of your team members, follow their interest and reduce interferences which get in the way of them performing at their best. Practice, observation and feedback will help you to master your own coaching style through the power of great questioning, listening and a simple, structured approach.  Practical methods to embed a coaching culture throughout the organisation are also covered.


Developing the confidence and communication skills to have and take the lead in more challenging feedback conversations, where you need to hold others accountable. This highly practical workshop provides the challenge and support to help you develop the mindset and emotional strength to effectively deliver a direct message, control your emotions and effectively manage different conflict reactions.