Impactful Conversations

  • Run for your organisation in groups of 9 to 12 participants

  • Appropriate for all levels from team member to CEO

  • Available ‘off-the-shelf’ or tailor-made and branded for your organisation

Interactive Group Webinar

These group webinars outline the programme and create a compelling proposition for dynamic conversations. The interactive format maximises focus and engagement and ensures everyone is in the right mindset for learning. 

360° On-line Feedback Tool

Each participant (plus five nominated colleagues) complete our 360° online feedback survey - this provides an assessment of how the attendee is perceived and their current workplace impact.

Personal Profile Report

This is provided to each participant on the workshop; collating the results from the feedback and benchmarking against our five conversation standards.

1-Day Off-Site Workshop

This one day off-site workshop provides focus and practice on our five conversation standards. Attendees will start to become practiced (using live simulations) in when and how to use them. 

Facilitated Group Webinar

To share participant learning and experiences from work conversations, agreeing actions on what to start, stop and continue practicing.